Let’s Go!

Let’s go with building your identity (music label) and artist aggregation (band/?) with all participants involved. WURLwide Distribution works with all major and indie producers and suppliers and relevant legal and copyright administration entities. We can also supply product to one or multiple retailers.

Most of our artists self-publish. We can help you with that process to stay on track selling your music through us and others—each artist/publisher is unique, and we work for the best outcomes for all involved.

We don’t take on jaded or already-top artists because we’re not set up to manage outsized expectations (or to be honest, huge demand—yet) in the fluid, super-competitive music realm.

If we sign with you, our involvement will be exemplary and unsurprising. We’ll honor our agreements, giving artists needed confidence and support to grow their brands, co-building their labels—doing our media marketing bits to support that growth.

Our expertise is World Music (an eclectic mashup derived from Traditional or Folkloric Dance styles). Let’s discuss your needs—toward the release of your best works to the global music market. Cheers!!

Do Things Right the First Time!